Euna Mae's exclusive everyday sink set | dish, lotion, + hand

$ 44.99

Our exclusive grapefruit persimmon sink set is sure to be a delight on your counter while you prep, wash, and fix for your friends and family every time you're in your kitchen! Liquid dish soap that gets dishes sparkling clean! Pump hand soap that cleans and softens hospitable hands! And the silkiest shea lotion that moisturizes after the washing is done! Our grapefruit persimmon scent is fresh and perfect all the year through! We love this sink set given for housewarming or hostess gifts too!

Includes one 12oz bottle of liquid hand soap, one 12oz bottle of scented shea lotion, plus one 16oz bottle of liquid dish soap  - all in heavy, plastic, amber bottles with pretty, kitchen-y labels!

Please factor in 3-5 days for orders to be filled before shipping.