world's best plastic wrap + one refill | 500 total sf

$ 23.99

I know what you're thinking. Plastic wrap? YES. Plastic wrap!

Y'all this is the best plastic wrap ever! Folks who buy it at Euna Mae's come back in to the store, rave about it, and then buy three rolls for their sisters and mamas and friends. It's that good!

Now we've made it available online! One box of 250sf PLUS a refill roll! Here's how it works and why we love it!

-The roll is housed inside a CUTE heavy-board box with little rubber grippy feet that keep the box in place on your counter when in use!
-Each box has a slider that cuts the piece for you - no more sharp edged cutters!
-The cling wrap doesn't stick to itself which means no more wadded up pieces that end up in the trash that were never used.
-The professional cling wrap sticks beautifully to bowls and containers!

You need this in your life! Try it and see!